Author: Michel Metzner

Cities that encourage creativity are some of the most exciting cities to live in. L.A., Chicago, New York these are some of the greatest cities in America and they are also the cities that have the most creative jobs and opportunities. Art, theatre, film, music, these things bring a city to life. Creative cities are lively places where people want to live, local theaters give people something to do during the evenings, it brings people out into the city which in turn gives opportunity to business. Art and beautiful architecture makes cites physically appealing and more walkable. Art adds excitement to a city and life to a city. Cities filled with creative minds are vibrant and exciting. I want to make East lansing a place where creatives feel at home.
My favorite creative aspect a city can have is Theaters. I absolutely adore live theatre and so do millions of people. Young and old anyone can enjoy a good performance and the effect of theaters on a city is powerful. Theaters stimulant the economy because it gets people out into the city where they can interact with businesses. People love dinner and theatre so it inspires creative eateries to pop up in cities that have theaters. The Theatre is more than a place of entertainment, it's a place where new and progressive ideas are expressed, a place that can challenge the way you think, Theatre inspires the heart and mind and nurtures the soul. In my theaters are the lifeblood of a city.
Creative architecture and creative use of architecture gives cites unique flares. Whether ancient or modern the architecture of a city is what makes it unique. Humans love beauty and love living in beautiful places. Cities that are naturally beautiful because of the architecture used are places that people want to flock to. Beautiful cities naturally make people happier and when people are happy it inspires more creativity and more involvement in a community. Architecture can have profound effects on a city, When architecture is beautiful it creates a culture of hope, and happiness.
Cities that have concert halls and recording studios also give rise to wonderful cites, Think Nashville, L.A. these cities have vibrant cultures that are tied to a population of musical artists. Music has much the same effect that theatre does, it speaks to the soul, the way musical can take hold of your emotions is magical. Cities that have have places for musical artists to practice their art give rise to creative atmospheres. Places where there are professionals who made it big and also street performers who can liven up your daily walk to work. These are places with piano bars and singing diners. Cities that provide spaces for musicians are energetic and chaotic. These cities encourage people to stay in the city which stimulates the economy. These types of cities are filled with life.
In summary cities that cater to creatives are the vibrant, exciting cities that people want to live in. Creative cities have downtowns that people want to experience. The streets are filled with performers to entertain people on their way to work and beautiful architecture that when you look at it you can’t help but smile. And most importantly cities that are creative foster economic development and small businesses. The Arts are crucial in making a city where people want to live, it is a cornerstone of what makes cities great.

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